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Jalepeno Jelly

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All of our Jalapeño Jellies and Salsa's are ALL  NATURAL and are GLUTEN FREE, but more importantly they are delicious and versatile in the kitchen.

Spreading our delicious jalapeño jellies on toast is just the beginning. Try them as a glaze for chicken or pork, use them to flavor wings, vegetables, or alone on a snack plate with crackers. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

Simple jelly, Simply Yummy

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Dip Mixes

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Our dip mixes are made to bring the flavor to any dish that you wish. They come in a dizzying array of styles and you are sure to find some that fit into your cooking. Add them to chip dip or rub them on your favorite cut of meat before grilling or broiling. Our rubs are simple, versatile and delicious!

Delicious ingredients, Simply Yummy

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We get our ingredients fresh from local sources in Colorado. We give our customers delicious, classic salsas and jellies made with the finest vegetables and fruits.

Most of all, we want to expand ideas about how you and your family can experience these flavors for themselves.

Simple ingredients, Simply Yummy.

The Simply Yummy Story

Since 2012, Simply Yummy has been pumping out the flavors. We've started a new way of thinking about jellies salsas and dip mixes. We fuse unique ingredients with techniques learned from years of cooking to create interesting flavors from simple foods.

Simply Yummy makes everything in small batches. To achieve optimal flavor, our products are made with fresh ingredients and packaged immediately for you to enjoy with your family.

Simply family, Simply Yummy.

Our Mission is Simple

The best food starts with two things: Healthy ingredients and the right recipe. At Simply Yummy we want to introduce you to the perfect melding of those two very important components.

We invite you to explore our website and experience our bold flavors for yourself.

So good, it's Simply Yummy.